When we talk about “secondary infertility,” we’re talking about a situation in which a woman is experiencing infertility troubles despite having once carried a child. Furthermore, this form of infertility accounts for about half of all infertility cases in women around the world. This is particularly frequent among couples in their late 30s and 40s who want to start a family.

Yet, given the lack of awareness and knowledge among the general public, most individuals are still unaware of secondary infertility and its potential treatment options.

What are the factors contributing to secondary infertility?

The majority of the time, secondary infertility factors are linked to a woman’s past pregnancy. This could be due to a list of factors like injury to the uterus during the pregnancy or specific health concerns that only occurred during that time.

Even so, the main causes of secondary infertility are more or less the same as the causes of primary infertility; they can include concerns such as advancing age, obesity, ovulation problems, and so on.

How to deal with the problem of secondary infertility?

Secondary infertility may bring a lot of anxiety and stress to the affected person; nonetheless, you must handle it with the utmost calm and serenity. Furthermore, the following procedures can be followed to deal with the situation as a whole.

Monitoring the pre-conception phase

While planning for the baby, checking the ovulation cycle and the timing of sexual intercourse may help a person to avoid secondary infertility issues. The person can keep track of the entire cycle as well as the conception period to check for any kind of issues.

This can be done while being in contact with a fertility expert or visiting the best IVF clinic in India. As you do that, do ensure of checking the reputation and expertise of the IVF clinic beforehand.

Changing your lifestyle for the better

This is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of the pre-conception period, since what you eat and drink has a significant impact on your entire efforts to become pregnant. While most doctors recommend that a person eat a good, balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle holds the key.

Additionally, the person must abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol throughout the period of conception, as they can have a bad impact on the mother’s and child’s overall health.

Maintaining good health

Staying healthy is essential to a person’s overall efforts to become pregnant, and this is where a healthy routine, as well as light exercising schedule, is highly recommended. Meditation and yoga, on the other hand, can be practised since they provide a different touch to a person’s physical and mental wellness.

Maintaining a healthy BMI (Body mass index)

Maintaining a healthy BMI is always the key to optimal health, and the same must be considered as you prepare for your second child. It is possible to achieve this while maintaining a healthy diet and habit throughout the process.

In case a person is unable to achieve their parenthood dreams due to secondary infertility, they can always opt for surrogacy. Still, dealing with the best surrogacy agency in India in this case would hold crucial to your child seeking aspirations.