Frozen Egg Bank

A full-service donor egg bank

Through our program, we have assisted more than fourteen thousand intended parents from over 35 countries around the world to begin their families. Our secure, online database of egg donors provides complete confidentiality with you in mind as you start your new journey.

While we are proud of the automation we have built into our program, nothing can replace the personalized attention we provide. Selecting an egg donor can be a difficult decision with more options today than ever before. We believe in assisting you through every step of the process so that you can start your family when you are ready.

Our full-service donor egg program gives you access to a large selection of frozen donor eggs. All of our donors must go through a rigorous interview process and are also required to undergo medical, psychological, and genetic screening. We meet and exceed the highest standards established by the ASRM and adhere to all FDA regulations.

Additionally, we are the only egg donation agency that gives you the autonomy to reserve frozen eggs without the purchase commitment. Our dedicated match coordinators will guide you along with way.

We have teamed up with a top fertility clinic in Los Angeles—who has been freezing eggs using the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art vitrification technology since 2009—who will freeze and store our frozen eggs for your future use. They perform hundreds of egg freezing cycles each year, allowing for unparalleled experience and expertise. We work closely together to provide you with the best chance of having your dream baby.


  • One-on one concierge service to assist intended parents in finding their perfect egg donor match.
  • Five (5) mature eggs, that have survived the warming process after cryopreservation.
  • Non-identifying psychological and genetic evaluation of selected donor.
  • Infectious disease screening of the selected donor.
  • Toxicological screening of the selected donor for substance abuse.
  • Medications, legal fees, and travel fees of the selected donor.


  • All monitoring visits, monitoring ultrasounds and monitoring blood tests for Intended Parents if performed at at HRC Fertility, Encino.
  • Embryology services associated with identifying the recovered oocytes, fertilizing ova with sperm from Intended Parent (or a designated sperm donor) and culturing the resulting embryos until they are suitable for transfer and assisted hatching (if needed), if performed at HRC Fertility.
  • Transfer of embryos into Intended Parent #1’s uterus (or to a designated gestational carrier), if performed at HRC Fertility.
  • Initial blood pregnancy test on Intended Parent #1 (or designated gestational carrier), if performed at HRC Fertility.


Services Not Included as Part of Intended Parents’ Egg Donation, Inc. Fee are listed below. Please note that Intended Parents have been advised that the following services are not covered as part of Intended Parents’ Egg Donation, Inc. fee and are the sole responsibility of Intended Parents:

  • Intended Parents’ pre-testing and consultation fees.
  • Intended Parents’ genetic testing, if desired.
  • Intended Parents’ legal representation, if desired.
  • Intended Parents’ cycle medications.
  • Cryopreservation of embryos, ova or sperm.
  • Storage of cryopreserved embryos, ova or sperm.
  • Any services rendered outside of the Specified Medical Facility.
  • Transport of cryopreserved embryos, ova or sperm.


Please note that frozen eggs are available with above services in Encino, California but can also be shipped or transferred to any other clinic. Once we have received your payment and necessary documents, we will begin coordinating shipping. Not ready to ship? Our partner clinic can hold your eggs for six (6) months while you are deciding on your clinic of choice.

Still undecided if frozen eggs are right for you? At EDI, we are committed to giving our clients every egg donation program option. Our highly trained match coordinators have an unmatched track record of outstanding results matching the right donor with future parents. To inquire about any of our egg donation programs, please call us at (818) 385-0950 Or email us at: